Network Audit

CNS always looks forward to delivering unfabricated and uninterrupted Networking services to its customers. After successful completion of services CNT is also capable of performing a full fledged and equitable Network Audit with the support of its professional auditors. Network auditing is generally a process of gathering, analyzing, and studying network data, to detect any network vulnerability. Basically it is a process of mapping and inventorying your network in terms of hardware and software. It is important because it helps you to identify your biggest security risks so you can make changes that will protect your company from those risks. It resolves your underlying network security issues. Network auditing analysis how successful the network control and management operations are in the business of an organization. Network auditing typically involves analysis of certain network components which are;
● Control implementation
● Availability
● Security
● Management
● Performance
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Advantages of Network Audit

Network Auditing is a complex task which involves manually identifying network elements. But, sometimes network auditing tools can provide automation support to identify devices and services connected to the network. On the other hand hardware and software, auditing includes security documentations such as user accounts, groups and permissions to access networks. There are many reasons for considering network audit. It is important for technology decisions or any business requirements. There are some important potential reasons for considering a network audit;
● Outdated & Incomplete Inventories
● Upgrades & Refreshes
● Troubleshooting & Resolution
● Regulatory & Compliance Standards
Network Auditing is a major task of a network service provider and it can be successfully performed by the support and coordination of the organization. There are many critical areas to focus on which should be included in the network auditing procedures. Some tasks require manual resources to complete and some can be accomplished by the use of today’s advanced network auditing. Some of the analysis tools of network auditing are;
● Inventory Creation
● Identifying Obsolescence
● Network Architecture
● Network Security
Network auditing is important because it helps in identifying an organization's biggest security risks so that it can make changes that will protect it from those risks. It is a crucial part of IT Operations of any organization as it is the first step to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities.The IT infrastructure of an organization is crucial. There are many factors which contribute to the smooth running IT infrastructure of an organization and the chances are that it has been slowly built up over time, as the organization has grown and expanded in the 21st Century. The IT system of an organization has to cope with numerous threats such as; network security, network access permissions, network support applications etc. This is exactly where an IT network audit has to be performed. It will assess your IT infrastructure and determine where there are technical snags, security risks and key areas that can be improved and updated timely. Network audit can make a wide range of improvements by which an organization can take advantage to succeed its business.

Overview Services

Nowadays there are a lot of data threatening elements in IT infrastructure. CNT always keeps priority to its customer's data security. Today there is a great threat of hacking, phishing, and other types of data threatening malfunctions that can befall your company’s digital infrastructure and its data, so it is very important to stay at least one step ahead to secure your data and CNS is here at your fingertip for your data safety. CNT helps its customers to succeed in their business by battling up with the security threats. We educate our customers to combat the security threats and Network Auditing is one of the best options to detect these security vulnerabilities. One of the basic and significant benefits of Network Auditing is to improve your IT infrastructure. Another benefit of Network Auditing is to detect any kind of inability to backup your data and prevent it against any loss. Network Auditing helps you to update your hardware for long term gains, it helps in finding out new software versions for your business growth, it helps in creating a productive environment for your IT infrastructure. Keeping all this at prior level CNT always keeps a step ahead to proceed with qualitative services.
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